Out to the Black Session Log

Session 04

Victor in the brig

off-world of Poseidon III

talking about the communication network and relays — delays due to space, local broadcasts vs. system

Victor genetically engineered by Nexus Corp, kind of owned by the corp. doesn't have trackers that work in space, but he has a local-range tracker that is in his shoulder. might be caught up by scanners on worlds or in Nexus Corp sites. Bloy sets up an alarm if he sees traffic going out that (make him roll for it if it matters)

they have data from the HarvestGen site when they were doing their "radiation checks". some incriminating evidence, might be a bit circumstancial, something showing the manipulation rather than the direct evidence of meddling

large population center on Tartarus II. takes a week to get there. while they're travelling, they start denying Victor food and water. plan is to try to starve him and make him weaker, but they don't talk to him. trying to crack him. Victor knows tha the site would have been blown.

Alex trying "to Stockholm Syndrome" Victor a bit while he's captive

HarvestGen playing up the explosion as an accident, all lost. Alex sees if there are others out there suspecting another hacker group, which he finds (nat 20) — Binary Phantom Syndicate (thanks ChatGPT) — he will try to ingrain himself with the group and possibly share intel over time

Tartarus II: terraformed moon of Tartarus, large population center. large metropolis, Cerulean Crater, is the population center. ocean is liquid nitrogen of some sort, not widely used for anything. Jared has been here before. trained by a secretive something. major output is agriculture.

Nexus Corp will eventually recgonize the signal that Victor has, but it should be after a little bit. the party has some time

they want to expose the HarvestGen/Nexus Corp stuff, two options of either hacking into a relay directly, or working with hackers. they are going the hacker route. Alex finds a group to work with local to Tartarus II. Jared is also aware of a HarvestGen site on the area.

Alex is thinking of some sort of dead drop. the hacker group he contacts is named DataSquirt, they are interested in getting their name out there as executing the network hack and exposing the information. Taxion tracks the DataSquirt guy and know what they operate out of, just in case that's some kind of information useful later. Alex uses that information as an asset of sorts for them to tighten up their security

Taxion wants to try to get some hallucinigens to mess with Victor.

security checkpoints stop Taxion and Alex momentarily, but Jared hacks into data sources and is able "to Oracle" information to Taxion and Alex. ships are grounded, though, seems like they are looking for Victor, don't yet know that they're looking for the Nyx. Alex has a convenient excuse about some sort of nanotech, and he gets intel about where they could flip it and acquire it.

Nebula Bliss is the name of the drug, Victor takes it very poorly due to the bioengineering and robot parts. he starts going into cardiac arrest, almost like it's a kill switch of sorts when he takes the drugs. Taxion heals Victor and blames Nexus Corp for the bioengineering/implant in the first place

Business for next time

Session 02

Session 01

Finishing up some character details, getting in space, getting a ship.