Adventuring! Play-By-Chat

The following information on organizing Adventuring! as a play-by-chat game, over Discord (and IRC, via the bridge) is intended to keep the game flowing and clear for us to consume without a huge amount of rigamarole.

Cadence and Ticks

Presently, we have agreed to a 48 hour cadence. That means, essentially, no more than 48 hours (or so) should pass between GM updates that push the game forward. Ideally, less than that time passes, but the idea is to give everyone a couple days to get an update in, or to assume some reasonable default course of action for them if not. Obvious stuff like getting attacked and needing to make a defense roll, if the 48 hours pass and someone hasn't acted, I'm not going to be a jerk and say "you sit there uselessly and get coup d'grace-d straight in the face". I'll roll for you. It may be an uninspired roll, but it'll happen.

I will ping everyone when a tick happens and there's new action to react to. That'll start the timer, and everyone has 48 hours to ask questions (which hopefully can be resolved), take action, and so on. If it seems like everyone has settled ahead of time, I'll do a new update and there's a new 48 hours. Maybe I'll get a bot to manage this at some point.

Discord Updates Format

Updates will be readable if we use these couple simple styles: