A Storm Invited

A solo Cypher System game by bss, set in the fantasy world of Yacsra.


Being a solo campaign, there is currently only one principal character, Cyne Valbrook.

Session Logs/Chapters

Some style notes, my plan is to alternate between two voices and formats.

Normally-formatted text, such as this paragraph, is written in present tense, as if I was narrating GM or player thoughts live in the course of play. Since I'm both, at the same time, there will probably be no meaningful distinction between these two roles in the narration. Present tense just feels more natural to me for this right now, but maybe that'll shift over time.

Inset text, such as this, will be more about system decisions, dice rolls, asides and commentary, and so on. Probably far less structured here.

As such, the chapters will probably be a mix of session log and narrative prose.