Adventuring! Session 2

The party continues their search for revenge against the necromancer that messed up their bar.

Relationship Fleshing - Barney x Savage (conflicted)

Henry spent a Savage conflicted 5 to establish info about the skeletons used by the necromancer, what is Barney's relationship to Savage?

Barney's relationship — maybe the Savage is pissed that Barney destroyed some followers, even if they are undead followers?

Play Notes

Barney bites off the head of Bazarak — "fire and blood spew out of your mouth"

Barney has earned the attention of Savage in all new ways with his slaying of Bazarak, so let's say that's the side effect of the conflicted 5.

Two remaining negative energy crystals throb after Bazarak dies, but don't affect anything else in the room

Mantle of gloom was on Bazarak's body, grabbed by Ramaria

Peter says that Bazarak was working for Kobu and was going to replace Gnorm with an undead fascimile of some sort and spread the face-stealing scheme across.

120 gp for the group (24 gp per character)

Full heal-up

Ureiden, Gnorm, Raistlin all might have permanent scars