13th Age

This page, and the pages under it, collect a variety of campaign notes, characters, other mechanical bits, and whatever else I end up dropping here for usage by me and my players, but if any of this is of interest to you as a random passerby, feel free to use it.


The world of Yacsra, bss's yet another campaign setting, roughly assembled, is a personalization and expansion of the Dragon Empire, 13th Age's deliberately open-ended meta-setting. The material that I've written or that my tables have come up with off the cuff should generally slot into published Dragon Empire source material, with few explicit overrides or replacements, and those things become part of Yacsra.

As much as it is just-in-time expansion of a campaign framework, Yacsra is inherently incomplete and subject to change. Nevertheless, current campaign setting information is organized in Yacsra's main page.

Campaigns in the World of Yacsra

These pages organize characters and other campaign notes for the groups themselves. Depending on my levels of organization and coordination, established truths generally move from these pages to the Yacsra campaign setting when they seem ready and appropriate for the "mainline".

The following campaigns are currently running, at my however-slow pace:

Currently-lost campaigns, before I started organizing things here under Yacsra, that nevertheless influenced it, or at least me:

Other Characters

Other characters I've made for whatever reason:

House Rules

I don't consider myself much of a game designer, but nonetheless I have added some house rules and items and so on to the game. I will try to catalog them here, just in the event I reuse them or they are useful to someone else.

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