Adventuring! Session 3

Bazarak defeated, life returns to normal for our party… or does it?

New Relationship Rolls

Play Notes

In the room with necromantic crystals, Bazarak is dead. Books, there's something about plants that Ramaria keeps, and something about necromancer stuff that Gnorm keeps. Ureiden takes one of the negative energy crystals.

They return to the bar to assess the damage dealt by Barney.

Peter's ~Kobu: Bazarak was overconfident, some of the stronger skeletons had scraps of information about what Kobu was up to, so Kobu agents are afoot. The party however unaware of what the plan is.

Gnorm to pay 5 gp to get material to patch the damage from Barney. Skill checks decent from Gnorm, good from Ureiden to do the patchwork.

DOWNTIME!: Raistlin outside town, talking to animals. Gnorm running the bar, Ramaria tending to its business. Ureiden investigating both threats and Gnorm. Learns some vagueries that the bar has changed hands many times, the last to Gnorm in a drinking content. Prior cases of owners disappearing, that kind of thing.

Ramaria starting a specialty microbrew for Gnorm.


Someone with the same sigil as Bazarak is snooping around the bar and runs off. Ureiden chases after the guy, and the rest of the party follows. They are ambushed by the guy and a bunch of goblins in an alley.

The leader, while he's dying, turns to face Gnorm and just chuckles while speaking in tongues. Ureiden very suspicious of Gnorm.