Clouds and Chimeras

The Party


House Rules

Play Notes

Session 1

The party of Sleznik, Harve'i, Thorbert, Girael, and Tasha encounter goblins breaking into Rio's Curios, a shop of various magic trinkets and similar in the town of Highwind. Their particular target was a codex on the creation of dracoliches, which Rio was holding. A local necromancer desired the codex.

Killing the goblins and learning of the plot, the party decided to chase the goblins, while Rio fled (to the necromancer's) with the codex.

Session 2 – 10?

I think I've lost my notebook, but am still digging. ~bss

Session… 11?

Session 12

Session 13 – 20

I have notes for much of this, I just need to copy them in. ~bss