I can't think of a better name so this one's just Crimson.

Virtual Tabletop

The campaign's current battle map/whiteboard/etc. is in Foundry, and available at

The Party

House Rules

I haven't had much need to house-rule stuff yet, and we're going to try to do icon relationships by the book to start. If we have issues, we can try using either of my alternate rules to add some crunch to story-guide rolls, or to replace icons with something like Glorantha runes.

But, for now, icons and story-guide rolls as written in the core book. Here are the only things I have tweaked from the start:

Character Generation and Resources

Generally speaking, all the below sources are in with no/minimal review from me. If you find something you're interested in in another source, let me know, I don't mind using more content from third party books or homebrew or whatever.

There are a couple more books and 'zines I've uploaded if people want to get really wild, but talk to me about those.