13th Age Items

These are just some items I came up with/cobbled together from other rules and ideas. They might have been made for general use, or specific story purposes, depending, but either way, they're here for anyone to use if they want to.

I generally made an attempt to keep them from being broken, but no warranty, YMMV, etc.


Gloves of Illumination (recharge 11+): These gloves can be activated or deactivated with a command word as a free action; when activated, they cast normal light as per the wizard's light spell. This function is always available to the wearer. When the gloves are casting light, as a quick action, the light can be intensified momentarily, surprising any engaged creatures long enough for the wearer to pop free from any or all of them. Creatures that seem like they'd be especially susceptible to bright light must pass a normal save or be stunned until the end of their next turn. Conversely, the flash of bright light has no effect on creatures that don't have conventional vision, such as oozes or blind creatures with tremorsense. Quirk: unreserved.