Adventuring! is a fantasy campaign run in the Forgotten Realms, circa 1372 DR. It is currently being reorganized as a play-by-chat game. Information about the previous attempt, which stopped before it could get momentum, is kept here.

Map of Faerûn's Dragon Coast area, featuring Westgate, Reddansyr, and Teziir
The current campaign location, an area of the Dragon Coast.


(TODO: shrubey, Toria?)

Players are welcome to create a character for the game and rotate in and out as time allows. See Character Creation for information on making Cypher System characters suitable for the campaign.

Current Events

Maps and Current Location

See the right-hand side of this page for the current hexcrawl map. Unexplored hexes will be revealed as the game progresses and rumors are discovered, the wilderness is explored, etc.

Hex map of Faerûn's Reddansyr area
The immediate area of the campaign, including Teziir and Reddansyr. Darker hexes are unexplored.

Hex Key

Resources, Notes, etc.

Play-by-Chat Structure and Guidelines

Adventuring! will run on a 48-hour tick system where players will have 48 hours (ish) to get their updates in, converse about strategy, ask questions of the GM, etc., and then the GM will update with outcomes and move the game forward. More details can be found here.

Cypher Tables

Treat all cypher types as manifest by default. Roll a d20 and use that result for which table to roll on (they're all built as percentile tables, so you can roll d20 + d100 for both together).

Roll Origin/Type
1–4 Core/Manifest (p.382)
5–8 Core/Subtle (p.383)
9–11 Godforsaken
12–20 Core/Fantastic (p.382

Most instances work in the game and could be represented as at least one kind of physical item, or roll on the cypher form table in Godforsaken (which would be a combined roll of d20 + d100 + d100).

Map of Faerûn

You can view the whole map of Faerûn here.